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Bridging The Execution Gap

At nShore, we practice the execution-view of digital transformation that provides organizations with sustained competitive advantages, profitable growth, and contained costs.

It’s the kind of execution that ensures the experience an organization’s employees and customers need.

For us, it is not a question of either-or, but rather to bring together the seamless collaboration

of expertise, talent, quality, and efficiency, to guarantee success for years to come.


We also offer unique risk-sharing AI models, geared towards customer success,

as well as digital consulting for startups.

For business, digital transformation is to achieve new abilities and is more than mere integration of new technologies. It’s like caterpillar to tear down its body and to rebuild it as butterfly and be able to find its food beyond the foliage.

Touchscreen Computer


We believe that it is not only the
“know–what” but also the “know-how” that matters when providing insights, solving problems, and executing ideas.
We bring together the wisdom and experience of industry experts, domain experts, and technology experts to help our clients with cost effective and innovative solutions.


We  believe  the success of an initiative starts with effective Interaction with  all stakeholders  on the client-side. We bring the relevant expertise to the project to achieve this.
A sound strategy is formulated and agreed upon with the client before the execution starts. Our experts, practices, and proven methodologies contributes to the thinking of the client on the subject.
A continuing effective interaction brings commitment to the execution. A firmed up strategy bring focus to the execution.


People and Processes

We are experienced and committed consultants with adaptive approaches and solutions to your business requirements

We are where you are

Provide benefits of locally based resources, global alliances and expertise with consistent services and quality.


People | Projects | Possibilities

Business Meeting


Expertise and Experience

Our people make the difference to help our clients improve, grow, and transform to win in the market place.



Governance and Methodologies

We execute with end-to-end machine learning, data science, AI, and software development.We take care of your entire project from data engineering to scalable deployment. Our project managers and program managers lead cross-functional teams of local and global experts to stay aligned with your business goals and measures of success



AI consulting for Startups

Through our unique risk-sharing model, we are helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams faster.We are making AI and digital technologies accessible to small and medium sized businesses.We choose our clients and projects well. Once we take on the engagement our interests and fees are totally aligned to your success.
We are happy to put our skin in the game.

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