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Data, AI Will Help Fight Pandemic

In fight against pandemics, this time governments, organizations and society have volumes of information and data to contain, manage and win over the crisis.

Our smartphones, connected thermometers and diagnostic equipments are all collecting millions of data to help authorities to decide on policies and resources.

Bluetooth enabled social distancing is helping countries to contain virus spread and death rates. Self quarantine apps, telecom carrier data, GPS data are helping authorities to monitor and track the infection. #AI is helping detect #Covid19 during CT scans, monitoring temperatures in the factories and work places, enabling clinical grade data from patient home to reach remote doctors.

We all are optimistic of rapid discovery of tests, medicines and vaccines because scientists are leveraging AI to mine and interpret the data.

Public at large knowingly or unknowingly is sacrificing privacy to share data and authorities have relaxed regulations like GDPR. This data sharing and access to #Covid19 data and might of AI may help governments and businesses to predict and to prepare better for next pandemic.

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